Manjulaben Chandulal Ahir Hepatomegaly with fatty liver

Name Manjulaben Chandulal Ahir Age 55 years Location Gandhidham Kutch I was suffering from severe gases trouble, pain in abdomen, feeling of nausea since long time, my sonography of abdomen was suggesting hepatomegally with fatty liver, I took ayurvedic treatment from Dr. Amina’s royal ayurveda  , now I am feeling well my sonography of abdomen is also normal.. View Report

Diwaliben Jerambhai Darji – Hepetomegaly

"Diwaliben Jerambhai Darji :-Last three years I had day and night continuous hiccups, total loss of Appetite and also sleepless all night also on day. My sonography report shows hepetomegaly and gall bladder stone. I started Ayurvedic treatment from Dr. Amina M. Khatri and continued her treatment from January 2007 to March 2007. ..... read more Name  : Diwaliben Jairambhai Darji Age : 63 years

Narsing Chauhan – Hepetomegaly

"Narsing Chauhan :-Since October 2008, I got complaints of severe pain in abdomen; heaviness of abdomen; loss of appetite and nausea. I took tretment from Dr. Hemant shah. (M. D.) but with no possitive results sonography test Conducted in November 2008 showed  that I suffered from Hepatomegaly. I started treatment from Dr. Amina Khatri in January 2009. I started getting cured by Ayurvedic medicines and now on 9/7/09 I am all right also the sonography report are normal. ...... read [...]