Rupeshkumar Liver Fibrosis, NASH , Hepato splenomegaly

Name Rupeshkumar Age 31 years Location Luknow UP Mr. Rupeshkumar from U P (India) was suffering from Liver fibrosis with NASH (Non Alcoholic Steatohepatitis), Hepato splenomegaly .In June 2013 he consulted at Dr. Amina’s royal ayurveda with complains of severe Body ache, lethargy and evening leg edema. He took Ayurvedic medicines from there gradually his complains subside. After five months of treatment his Liver and Spleen also became normal. Then he stopped his treatment. Now he is O K. Read more

Hepetospenomegaly – Vejiben Damaji Ahir

Name Vejiben Damaji Ahir Age 45 years Location Mamuwara , Bhuj (Kutch) I am Vejiben Damaji from Mamuwara. I was serious, unable for walking, eating and was feeling like fever. I consulted Dr. Nanawati he prescribed reports which was suggesting HEPETOSLENOMEGALY. I didn’t take his medicine and came to Dr. Aminaben and took her medicine for three months regularly. Now I am cured and my reports are also good. Read more Before Treatment: After Treatment: With three months treatment of Dr. Amina's royal ayurveda Hepetosplenomegaly is [...]

Kishore halai – Fatty Liver

“Kishore halai:-I was suffering from indigestion and constipation since a long time.  I had to go to toilet immediately after taking every food but not getting clear and satisfactory toilet. I consulted Dr. Amina Khatri. She diagnosed that I have symptoms of fatty liver and she prescribed me abdominal sonography. I had done sonography on date 14-09-2010. It was suggesting heapatosplenomeggaly with fatty liver grade-1. I took her Ayurvedic  medicine for one month. I got lot of relief. Under her [...]