Liver Cirrhosis

Parekh Pravin Jagjivan – Liver Cirrhosis

Parekh Pravin Jagjivan :- I had cirrhosis of liver and portal hypertension. Twice I had blood vomiting in November 2005 and in May 2006 I started Ayurvedic treatment of Dr. Amina M. Khatri from June 2006 to May 2007. After starting her treatment I never had blood vomiting till date. Now my all reports are normal. Sonography shows my liver is normal. My portal Hypertension is also solved and cured .......... read more Name  : Parekh Pravin Jagjivan Age : [...]

Chauhan Nilesh Mukundbhai – Liver Cirrhosis

“Chauhan Nilesh Mukundbhai :- In December 2004 I had sudden severe unbearable stomach pain. Then I used to get frequent such attacks. On prescription of allopathic doctor I got sonography report which was showing that I was having cirrhosis of liver, splenomegaly, ascitis and bilateral kidney stones. The allopathic treatment didn’t give me any improvement, on the contrary my illness kept on increasing day by day. On March 2005 my endoscopy showed portal hypertension. On June 2005 Dr. went [...]