Rheumatoid arthritis

Sonam Rajani (Rheumatoid Arthritis)

Name Sonam Rajani Age 42 years Location Gandhidham Kutch Sonam Rajani was suffering from severe Rheumatoid arthritis. She consulted Rheumatologist, he prescribed her Tab Folitrax but she didn’t take it In November 2012 she came at Dr. Amina’s Royalayurveda with complains of severe joint pain(fingers joins, both knee joints, elbows, wrists), with low B P and feelings of fever. Before starting her treatment blood reports done, her Anti CCP was 76.9u/ml which was suggesting severe Rheumatoid Arthritis she started ayurvedic treatment from Dr. [...]

Ushaben J. Thakkar – Rheumatoid arthritis

"Ushaben J Thakkar :- I had lots of swelling on the body and severe joint pains since last 11 Years. Report showed kidney and liver problem. I started Ayurvedic treatment of Dr. Amina M. Khatri I continued the treatment regularly for 14 months. Today I am totally cured no swelling and no joint pains. Mys reports are normal. ... read more Name : Ushaben J Thakkar Age : 35 years Location : Netra (Kutch) Gujarat

Pratima V Chauhan – Rheumatoid arthritis

"Pratima V Chauhan :-  I had pain in the joints of hand, legs and finger. In morning joints were remaining totally stiff with lots of pain. I started Ayurvedic treatment of Dr. Amina M. Khatri from 02/10/2005 gradually I started improving I continued her treatment till February 2006. Now I do not have joint pains at all. ... read more Name : Pratima V Chauhan Age : 40 years Location : Mankuwa (Kutch) Gujarat