In Leukemia total WBC count increases too much. Leucopoietic organs (organs responsible for WBC production) bone marrow; spleen and Lymph gland grow in size It results into neoplastic Hyperplasia in bone marrow This diseases in known as blood cancer It is very dangerous; fatal diseases

Leucopoietic cells in bone marrow increases; and Erythroblastic cells (cells responsible for RBC production) decreases due to which RBC count decreases The size of spleen increases due to myeloid cell formation instead of malpighian cells formation as the spleen and liver are interconnected by the circulation of blood; liver gets enlarge ultimately HEPETO SPLEENOMEGALLY is observed Till today the modern science do not have the proper cause for the Leukemia but I believe It is due to viral infection in spleen ultimately in liver (HEPETO SPLEENOMEGALLY)

In CHARAK SAHINTA; in Ayurveda paand-u and kam-al-a (Anaemia and liver diseases) are given in one chapter and are interrelated The cause of Leukemia is viral infections of spleen and liver.



a) Anaemia
b) Weakness
c) Loss of appetite
d) Vomiting
f) Pain in abdomen
g) Fever
h) Giddiness
i) Diarrhoea or constipation


a) Internal bleeding (Hemorrhages in organs of body)
b) Blood Vomiting
c) Bleeding through urine and stool passage
d) Ultimately death; due to loss of blood
a) WBC increases to much (From 4000/ul to upto more than
2,00,000/ul while RBC decreases
b) Hemoglobin decreases
c) Sonography of abdomen
d) Bone marrow biopsy


With our Ayurvedic treatment total W. B. C. count becomes normal within one month.

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