The enlargement of the liver along with spleen due to spreading of infections
in called Hepeto Spleenomegally

a) Viral hepatitis
b) Chronic amebiasis
c) Toxins
d) Drugs
f) Malnutrition
e) Alcoholism

a) Pain in the abdomen
b) Weakness due to anemia
c) Depression or irritation
e) Fatigue
f) Bleeding from any pores of the body
g) Most patients have low blood pressure
h) Few cases of high blood pressure due to the involvement of heart and kidney diseases
i) Swelling of the body
j) Low-grade fever
k) blackish discoloration of the skin
l) Loss of weight m) Joint pains

a) Cirrhosis of liver
b) Heart diseases
c) Kidney diseases
e) Leukemia

USG of abdomen


Our treatment fundamentally works on the theory of controlling and super managing Vata, pitta, and Kapha in the most natural and eco-friendly way.


All the medicines are self-prepared, self-tested with proven results, and formulated on the basis of Ayurveda by own Research and Development. The herbs used in medicines are organically grown in our farmhouse.


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We have made up natural Herbal combinations for Hepatospenomegalybased on SASTRA ( Ayurvedic texts)  CHARAK SANHITA  and  BHAV PRAKASH

Choices of drugs for Hepatosplenomegaly are as below


  1. Katuki  Picrorhiza kurroa a good Hepatoprotective
  2. Jaifal  (Myristica fragrans) increases bile secretion
  3. Trikatu is a combination of Ginger, Black pepper, and long pepper it subsides swelling of the liver


  1. Stale food (food of yesterday cooked) containing a part of moisture should not be consumed
  2. Fruits and vegetables must be washed before consumption
  3. Even the slight infected fruit or vegetable must not be consumed
  4. Oil and fat (ghee) should be consumed bear minimum  in food
  5. Raw garlic and onion to be avoided
  6.  Watermelon to be avoided

It should also be noted very carefully that sufficient and undisturbed, comfortable, sound sleep is a part of treatment.  Fresh and nutritious food and mind pleasing environment should be maintained.


No contraindications or side effects have been observed

Our Ayurveda has a quick cure for Liver enlargement but splenomegaly takes a long time to be the cure. Read more

Treatment is available at Dr. Amina’s royal Ayurveda.

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