The term liver cirrhosis refers to the liver in which the normal liver cells are damage-dead.

Due to dead liver cells, the liver becomes nodular atrophic with coarse echo
texture; and generally liver size becomes the reduced-Shrunken liver loss of liver cells obstruct the liver’s ability to perform the loss of its normal function of liver functions affects the body in many ways; cirrhosis of the liver is also called as liver failure It can cause many different complications.

a) Alcoholism
b) Poisoning drugs
c) Viral Hepatitis
d) Inherited diseases like Wilson’s diseases and Hemochromatosis
e) Biliary cirrhosis
f) Amebiasis
g) Malnutrition


a) Low graded fever
b) Loss of weight
c) Abdominal pain
d) Loss of appetite
f) Blackish discolorations of the skin
g) Anaemia

a) Pale yellowish discolorations of the skin
b) Fever
c) Swelling of face and extremities
d) Itching of body
e) Feeling of depression
f) Bleeding from pores of the body

a) Loss of control over the mind
b) Accumulation of fluid in the abdominal cavity
c) Blood vomiting starts, and it may be fatal

a) Portal Hypertension
b) Ascites
c) Renal failure
d) Heart decease
f) Hepatic encephalopathy


Blood Reports:
a) Reduced platelet count, albumin; total protein; hemoglobin
b) Increase in the level of globulin; prothrombin time test

a) SGPT; bilirubin and alkaline phosphate levels increase in blood

a) Renal failure may be observed due to an increase in blood urea and
sr. creatinine

a) Liver is Shrunken
b) Enlargement of Spleen
c) Ascites
d) Diameter of portal vain increases


Our treatment fundamentally works on the theory of controlling and super managing Vata, pitta and kapha in the most natural and eco-friendly way.


All the medicines are self-prepared, self-tested with proven results, and formulated on the base of Ayurveda by their own Research and Development. The herbs used in medicines are organically grown in our farm house.


We have made natural Herbal combinations for liver cirrhosis based on SASTRA ( Ayurvedic texts)  CHARAK SANHITA  and  BHAV PRAKASH

Choices of drugs for liver cirrhosis are as below


  1. Katuki  Picrorhiza kurroa a good Hepatoprotective.
  2. Ghritkumari  Aloe vera a good healing effect, rejuvenate liver cells.
  3. Gaduchi  Tinospora cordifolia is reducing hepatotoxicity.
  4. Bhringaraja  Eclipa alba regulate bile secretion.
  5. Yastimadhu Glycyrrhiza glabra it controls chronic viral hepatitis


  1. Stale food (food of yesterday cooked) containing a part of moisture should not be consumed
  2. Fruits and vegetables must be washed before consumption
  3. Even the slight infected fruit or vegetable must not be consumed
  4. Oil and fat (ghee) should be consumed bear minimum  in food
  5. Raw garlic and onion to be avoided
  6.  Watermelon to be avoided

It should also be noted very carefully that sufficient and undisturbed, comfortable, sound sleep is a part of treatment.  Fresh and nutritious  food and mind pleasing environment should be maintained.


No contraindications or side effects have been observed


In Modern Science it is incurable while in our Ayurveda we have cured many cases. It takes a long time to make the Liver normal but the recovery is seen within one month
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