Gangrene is a serious and potential life threating condition that arises when a considerable mass of body tissues dies. It is reduced blood supply to the affected tissues which results in cell death



Suppressed immune system (Collagen diseases -Rheumatoid diseases, S.L.E.,HIV)

In both type of patients it may develops due to INJURY or due to INFECTION.

It can affect any part of body but typically starts in toes, feet and fingers.


  • Severe pain in the area ( in primary stage)
  • Loss of feeling in the area (in advance stage)
  • Discoloration of skin first red then  blue and  last black color in the area.
  • Foul smelling discharge

If the affected area is inside the body (in advance stage of rheumatoid arthritis) the symptoms may include :

  • Confusion
  • Fever
  • Gas in tissues  beneath the skin
  • General ill feeling
  • Low blood pressure


  • X ray may be vascular calcification or may be bony erosion in the area.
  • CBC total WBC may be high.
  • Arteriogram to see blockage in blood vessels
  • Tissue microscopy exam to look for cell death
  • Physical exam – physician can decide to look color of affected area


The high blood sugar level may eventually damage the nerves especially in the feet. When the nerves are damaged the patient does not feel pain and will not know if he/she has an injury. The patient may continue walking without protecting the wound, the wound may aggravates and develop in foot ulcer.

High blood sugar levels may also damage blood vessels, resulting in poor blood supply to the area, less blood supply means less nutrients-oxygen for the tissue cells. So the ulcer becomes more infected , the infection grows rapidly and Gangrene develops.Now Diabetic foot Ulcer may converts in Diabetic foot Gangrene

Diabetic foot ulcer is a major complication of diabetes mellitus, and probably the major component of the diabetic foot. It occurs in 15% of all patients with diabetes and precedes 84% of all lower leg amputations. Major increase in mortality among diabetic patients, observed over the past 20 years is considered to be due to the development of macro and micro vascular complications, including failure of the wound healing process. Wound healing is an innate mechanism of action that works reliably most of the time. A key feature of wound healing is stepwise repair of lost extracellular matrix (ECM) that forms the largest component of the dermal skin layer. Controlled and accurate rebuilding is essential to avoid under- or over-healing that may lead to various abnormalities. But in some cases, certain disorders or physiological insult disturbs the wound healing process. Diabetes mellitus is one such metabolic disorder that impedes the normal steps of the wound healing process. Many histopathological studies show a prolonged inflammatory phase in diabetic wounds, which causes a delay in the formation of mature granulation tissue and a parallel reduction in wound tensile strength. (From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia)

When Dr. Amina was 6 years old she lost her father in Diabetic foot  gangrene

When her father was taking his last breath of life at that moment she was rushing for some medicine from market for him but unluckily when she came back her father was expired! Since then after 44 years now she got that medicine to cure Diabetic foot ulcer/ gangrene!  



We have invented two types of Ghruts for dressing.

1.     Amrut Ghrut:-

  • It will open blockages of blood vessels

The CT ANGIOGRAPHY of peripheral of lower limb of Diabetic foot gangrene patient’s is showing atheromataus changes. There are calcified plaques in arteries which causes narrowing of blood vessels of lower limb. Amrut Ghrut application on it will dissolve these calcified plaques. So blood circulation increases so blockages of blood vessels will open

2.     Ropan Ghrut:-

In ayurveda Ropan means healing process.  Ropan Ghrut for application on wound.  will help in healing process

  • It will pull out pus and kills all germs and remove all dead tissues ( autoamputation)


All the medicines are self prepared, self tested with proven results and formulated on base of Ayurveda by own Research and Development. The herbs used in medicines are organically grown in our farm house.

Oral treatment is given in form of tablets

The functions of these tablets are as bellow

  • Healing
  • Protect bone
  • Control diabetes
  • Tonics


No contraindications or side effects have been observed

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