Deposition of Saturated fat (Natural Fat) instead of unsaturated fat in the cells of Liver; which leads to increase in the volume of Liver; is called fatty infiltration of Liver

Due to deficiency of Vitamin B Complex and proteins in the regular diet; deficiency of amino acid-like methionine choline cysine is found. The Function of this amino acid in the Liver is to stimulate liver cells to filter the fat, amino acids do not allow the accumulations of fat in the liver cells. When they are deficient amount, Leads to accumulations of fat in the Liver.

a) Malnutrition
b) Intake of high power drugs
c) Toxins
d) Alcoholism
f) Old Age.

a) Severe gastric trouble
b) Loss of appetite or a sudden feeling of hunger
c) Tiredness in cloudy weather
d) Most patients have low blood
f) patients may experience fatigue weakness, exhaustion
g) Few patients may suffer from joint pain.

Last stage of this disease cause cirrhosis of Liver

USG of abdomen


Our treatment fundamentally works on the theory of controlling and super managing Vata, pitta, and Kapha in the most natural and eco-friendly way.


All the medicines are self-prepared, self-tested with proven results, and formulated on the base of Ayurveda by own Research and Development. The herbs used in medicines are organically grown in our farmhouse.

We have made up natural Herbal combinations for fatty liver based on SASTRA ( Ayurvedic texts)  CHARAK SANHITA.

Choices of drugs for  fatty liver are as below


  1. Ghritkumari  Aloe vera has a good healing effect, rejuvenate liver cells.
  2. Amala  Emblica Officinalis it improve the liver functions
  3. Bhringaraja  Eclipa alba regulates bile secretion.


    1. Stale food (food of yesterday cooked) containing a part of moisture should not be consumed
    2. Oil and fat (ghee) should be consumed  minimum  in food



No contraindications or side effects have been observed

With our Ayurvedic treatment, it is possible to reverse the condition. The Liver can be normal.

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