An ayurvedic treatment consists in restoring harmony among vata, pitta, and kapha.
Our treatment fundamentally works on the theory of controlling and super managing vata, pitta and kapha in most natural and echo-friendly way.
It should also be noted very carefully that sufficient and undisturbed, comfortable, sound sleep is a part of treatment.  Fresh and nitrous food and mind pleasing environment should be maintained.

All medicines are prepared and formulation on the base of ayurveda. The herbs used in our medicine are organically grown in our farm house. We use fresh juice and decoctions of fresh and green herbs. Our medicines are mainly based on decoctions.
CHARAK SANHITA has given five sources of decoctives and there five varieties of pharmaceutical preparations.

  1. Juice (swaras)
  2. Past (kalk)
  3. Decoction (quath)
  4. Cold infusion (shit)
  5. Hot infusion (fant)

It has also given formulations of fifty classes of decoctives and five hundreds decoctives of various ayurvedic herbs. The same are very effective for diseases.
Almost all medicines are given in form of Tablets.
Our treatment is natural and has no side effect at all. All ingredients used (herbs, plants, minerals) are found in their natural habits and are prepared in non polluting way.

We try to diagnose the root cause of the diseases and cure it from the root. Therefore our treatment gives wonderful, enjoyable health if the patient and his family co-operate us by punctually consuming our medicine.

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