Manjulaben Chandulal Ahir Hepatomegaly with fatty liver

Name Manjulaben Chandulal Ahir Age 55 years Location Gandhidham Kutch I was suffering from severe gases trouble, pain in abdomen, feeling of nausea since long time, my sonography of abdomen was suggesting hepatomegally with fatty liver, I took ayurvedic treatment from Dr. Amina’s royal ayurveda  , now I am feeling well my sonography of abdomen is also normal.. View Report

Dhiman Nirajben – Fatty Liver

Dhiman Nirajben:- Since 18 years I was suffering from allergic cold. I had tried lots of medicines, but still there was no improvement. I started taking ayurvedic medicine from Dr Amina Khatri which helps me to come across my allergic cold problem. I had my medicinal course for 3 months from August to October. I also had problem of Fatty Liver. Today I had my sonography that showed me that I was cured Fatty Liver and my allergic cold [...]

Kishore halai – Fatty Liver

“Kishore halai:-I was suffering from indigestion and constipation since a long time.  I had to go to toilet immediately after taking every food but not getting clear and satisfactory toilet. I consulted Dr. Amina Khatri. She diagnosed that I have symptoms of fatty liver and she prescribed me abdominal sonography. I had done sonography on date 14-09-2010. It was suggesting heapatosplenomeggaly with fatty liver grade-1. I took her Ayurvedic  medicine for one month. I got lot of relief. Under her [...]

Deepen K Mody – Fatty Liver

“Deepen K Mody :- I had lots of body pain whenever I feel hungry my body used to get cool down and I used to get black darks in my vision, Dr Amina diagnosed that I have fatty liver problem. She prescribed for sonography date 09/07/2007 showed that I had fatty liver I took Ayurvedic treatment from her and continued till October 2007. My sonography dated 15/10/2007 shows normal liver. I am ok with no problem .... read more Name  [...]