Kishore halai – Fatty Liver

Kishore halai:-I was suffering from indigestion and constipation since a long time.  I had to go to toilet immediately after taking every food but not getting clear and satisfactory toilet.

I consulted Dr. Amina Khatri. She diagnosed that I have symptoms of fatty liver and she prescribed me abdominal sonography. I had done sonography on date 14-09-2010. It was suggesting heapatosplenomeggaly with fatty liver grade-1. I took her Ayurvedic  medicine for one month. I got lot of relief. Under her advice my next abdominal sonography was don date 15-10-2010. I was surprise and was very happy to see the report saying that my liver is normal. Still I am continuing her medicine regularly and punctually.…. read more

Name  : Kishor Halai
Age : 33 years

Location : Bhuj Kutch.

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