Diabetic foot Ulcer – Gangrene Subhasbhai Vachhani

Name : Subhasbhai Vachhani
Age : 67 years
Location : Rajkot (Gujarat)

My father is suffering from diabetic foot ulcer and partial gangrene since last two months. It started from his little finger on the leg which had problem of corn.

We took advice from foot surgeon who recommended a Doppler test of the foot.
It showed calcium deposits inside the veins and due to this there is very limited flow of blood up to his foot.He advices that if only we can increase the blood supply to foot the wound can be treated.

currently the expansion of the wound is somewhat less but foul smell comes from it with some watery discharge and it is not getting healed.
Now we are taking treatment from Dr. Amina’s royal ayurveda, it is healing good, treatment is continue
We are very much satisfied with this treatment, Thank you DR. AMINA KHATRI.

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