Name: Mrs. Susama Umang parmar

Age: 27years

And her son
Name: Master Manas Umang Parmar

Age: 18 months
Location:  Kukama (Kutch)
I was suffering from cold since four years. I started sneezing and cough discharge at morning. When I was pregnant it increased. After my delivery it increased a lot. Then I started medicine from Dr. Amina. I had that medicine for two months. Now I am relived and rare complain of it. Whenever I have any complain of cold I take her medicine.
When my son born he was suffering from cold, vomiting and difficulties in breathing. We were taking English medicines. We consulted two three physicians and done his reports which were suggesting cough in lungs. We also hospitalized him for it.
Then when we consult to Dr. Aminaben and started her medicine my son got relief. Whenever we need we take her medicine. Now he haven’t   complains. We have done his reports which all are normal. It was allergic cold now it is relieved

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