Allergic cold and Allergic asthma

Dhirajben Moga – Alergic Asthma

CHRONIC ALLERGIC ASTHMA (STEROID DEPENDENT) Name: Dhirajben Moga Age: 65 years Location: Bhuj (Kutch) Since last 30 years I had asthma. I got fed up by treating various medicines. I used to get hospitalized very frequently. Three times I was hospitalized for quite a serious condition and was put on oxygen. After a long treatment of Dr. Aminaben.  Now I do not need any other medical treatment injections etc. I do all my household routine work. I have regain the stamina therefore I am [...]


Name: Mrs. Susama Umang parmar Age: 27years And her son Name: Master Manas Umang Parmar Age: 18 months Location:  Kukama (Kutch) I was suffering from cold since four years. I started sneezing and cough discharge at morning. When I was pregnant it increased. After my delivery it increased a lot. Then I started medicine from Dr. Amina. I had that medicine for two months. Now I am relived and rare complain of it. Whenever I have any complain of cold I take her medicine. When my [...]

Dhiman Nirajben

Dhiman Nirajben:- Since 18 years I was suffering from allergic cold. I had tried lots of medicines, but still there was no improvement. I started taking ayurvedic medicine from Dr Amina Khatri which helps me to come across my allergic cold problem. I had my medicinal course for 3 months from August to October. I also had problem of Fatty Liver. Today I had my sonography that showed me that I was cured Fatty Liver and my allergic cold [...]

Chauhan Nilesh Lakhamshi

"Chauhan Nilesh Lakhamshi :-I had allergic cold and asthma from October 2004 I was on livolin spray which used to give me little relief I started Ayurvedic treatment of Dr. Amina M. Khatri from January 2006 to March 2006 I was using spray with her treatment. After that I was not required to take that spray. I continued her treatment till June 2006. Now I am fully cured with no allergic cold or asthma. I do not take any [...]

Khatri Taher Mohammad

"Khatri Taher Mohammad :- I suffered from allergic cold , since I was 2-years of age I have had allopathic treatment from all possible sources, but in vain All the previous treatment gave me only temporary relief,   I started Ayurvedic treatment from Dr. Amina Khatri, 2months back and now I am relieved from allergic cold. Now I am happy, THANKS to Dr. Amina khatri. ..... read more Name : Khatri Taher Mohammad Age : 18 years Location : Dongri , Mumbai.

Baru Mayank

"Baru Mayank :- I had allergic cold since 4-years, constant sneezing and water discharge from nose and swelling in ears and had problem in hearing and suffered from indigestion causing frequent vomiting, including uneasiness in breathing sometimes.  I took too much allopathic medicine but all in vain. Then I took Ayurvedic medicine from Dr. Amina Khatri for three and half month, and got relief from the four years old above mention such problem. Now I don’t have any such kind [...]

Laxmi V. Hirani

"Laxmi V. Hirani :- I had allergic cold since last 6 years, continuous sneezing constant watery discharge in considerable amount from nose. I took too much allopathic medicines but my   allergic cold was not cured. I took ayurvedic medicine from Dr. Amina Khatri for two months. I got fully cured.  Now I have no allergic problem at all and do not need any medicine for it. ..... read more Name : Laxmi V. Hirani Age : 35years Location : Megpar (Bhuj- Kutch)

Nitaben Gopalbhai Charan

"Nitaben Gopalbhai Charan :- I had allergic cold since along time every 2 to 3 days I get continuous sneezing attacks. I started Ayurvedic treatment of Dr. Amina M. Khatri from 02/07/2006 to 15/08/2006. I got fully cured with the help of her treatment I do not have allergic cold problem till date I am totally ok with no re-attacks of cold. ... read more Name : Nitaben Gopalbhai Charan Age : 16 years Location : Gandhidham (Kutch)Gujarat Buspar

Nitaben Hemant Pomal –

"Nitaben Hemant Pomal :- Since last 5 to 7 years I was having allergic cold lot of sneezing constant water discharged from nose with nose and ear blocks I had constant headache. I took Ayurvedic treatment from Dr. Aminaben M. Khatri from 02/04/2007 to 30/05/2007 my allergic cold with all problems as stated above were totally cured with no complaints at all. I have now only little problem of low hearing ..... read more Name  : Neetaben Hemant Pomal Age : 24 [...]