Stroke Paralysis – Rebati Brahma

Name Rebati Brahma Age 57 years Location Dhubri  Assam Rebati Brahma was suffering from stroke –paralysis since 2010. Her left side was paralyzed. She couldn’t walk, move her left hand. And she had severe pain in her left side. She took ayurvedic treatment from Dr. Amina’s royal ayurveda in 2014 After one week of treatment pain in the fingers and leg was minimized and she could grab her fingers and move her hand to some extent. After second week of treatment her pain subsided, she [...]

Abdul Swala Abdi Left Hemplegia

Name: - Abdul Swala Abdi Age: - 46 years Location: - Mombasa (Africa) Abdul Swala was suffering from paralysis since 10 years; He took two weeks treatment from Dr. Amina’s royal ayurveda and got good recovery Abdul Swala's left hand before treatment Abdul Swala's left hand after two week's treatment

Faizal Mashood Shethia – Right Hemiplegia

Name:- Faizal Mshood Sethia (premature twin male child) Age:- 1 year Location:- Bhuj Kutch Sudden onset of right hemiplegia on 8th July 2012 sun day evening right side of Faizal was totally functionless and senseless I gave him my medicine of paralysis, there was slight improvement in sense of fingers so parent of Faizal got hope and on 9th July they came to my clinic and started my treatment, they don’t want to go to any allopathic hospital. Gradually stage of paralysis [...]


One 45 years old lady suffered for sudden mental tension for some matter. Her husband was not agreeing to do that matter. On that day afternoon she was feeling severe deep muscular pain in full body. In evening she felt shivering like malaria. She took tablet Lariago –ds for malaria and she slept. In night at 3 am she got up with severe uneasiness. Her full body was stiff except face and mouth. She couldn’t move even in bed. It [...]

Amarsinh Gagaji Vaghela – HEMIPLAGIA (Paralysis of right side of body)

Amarsinh  Gagaji Vaghela:- In January 2009 while working in my farm my body started suddenly shivering my hands and legs stopped functioning In that condition I was taken to Tharad city for treatment. There I was diagnosed for paralysis. Then C.T. scan of my brain done at Disa city and I was hospitalized there for one week.  I got slight relief. They had done restriction in my diet. They allow me only salt free and fat free diet. Since that [...]