Stroke Paralysis – Rebati Brahma

Name Rebati Brahma

Age 57 years

Location Dhubri  Assam

Rebati Brahma was suffering from stroke –paralysis since 2010. Her left side was paralyzed. She couldn’t walk, move her left hand. And she had severe pain in her left side.

She took ayurvedic treatment from Dr. Amina’s royal ayurveda in 2014

After one week of treatment pain in the fingers and leg was minimized and she could grab her fingers and move her hand to some extent.

After second week of treatment her pain subsided, she could move her hand but there was heaviness in shoulder.

After third week of treatment she could do her hand up easily.

After fourth week of treatment she could walk easily

After fifth week of treatment now her hand is open, she can walk and move her hand easily.


    • Mr. Rajendra Pawar
      we have sure treatment for paralysis
      you fill up on line consulting form from our web site and send recent video of your , we will send you medicine by currier
      Dr. Amina

  • The same type of paralysis disorder my mummy is suffering from almost more than 6 years, we have taken treatment from many respective doctors and also from Specialized in Ayurveda. But no result yet. She is also suffering from Heart disease (2 times By-pass Surgery).
    We are located in Mumbai, and currently there is no one to take her to your clinic Gujarat, as I am working in Bangalore (BPO service) and my wife is looking after here.
    Just few questions:
    1) What will be the total expense for 1 month treatment (Incl. all – Consultation and medicines)
    2) Already we have loss to much money and Sorry.. to ask but any guarantee within how many months she would be fine and if not then what action you will take.

    Awaiting for your reply.



    • Mr. Sunil Gupta
      We have sure treatment for paralysis
      you can take online treatment for your mother, see consulting in our web site and fill up online consulting form from it and also send recent video of her
      after seeing your mothers details I can say duration of treatment , generally minimum one week and maximum four week for treatment depends on stage of diseases and defects in brain
      cost Rs. 1000/- per day
      Dr. Amina

  • More than 1 month posting my comments in your website, but still no response…. what should I consider it ?

    Kindly confirm as when I can expect your comments on my questions mentioned above

  • hi i am 32yrs old gotleft side body paralysed by stroke due tohigh b.p. In 2014after taking treatment in one year i can walk but nt properly and my left hand also nt working so plz advise is there any treatment have you for my case so plz share it in detail thanks shiv

    • Mr. Shiv Prasad
      we have treatment for paralysis. I hope you cure. there may be some clot in your brain( Infarct). with our sanjivany dose that removes so your brain supply blood and your body parts will work
      Dr. Amina

  • my father suffering from left side paralysis since march 2014 and we have given allophathic as well as ayurvedic treatment. but no improvement. please guide me

  • Hi I am 35 year old I got left side paralysis in march 2015 I have treatment of allophatic as well as ayurveda I can walk but not properly my left hand also not working please advice me can I cure

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