Name : Mr Manohar Pindoria

Age : 65 years

Location : U.K

Mr. Manohar Pindoria from UK is Diabetic nephropathy with foot ulcer patient.

On 6th January 2021 he suffered from severe breathing problems coughing with blood phlegm. At that time he was in hospital.   His   Covid -19 reports positive. He was shifted in ICU on high oxygen 15 liters   oxygen.  There he started Antioxidant oil of DR. AMINA’S ROYAL AYURVEDA three times a day.  Gradually he was getting relief. On 8th January his breathing ability was improved. Hospital reduced oxygen from 15 liters to 10 liters and on 9 thJanuary his need of oxygen was 7 liters. And on 12 January coughing and blood in phlegm was minimum and on 16thJanuary his need of oxygen was 5 liters. He was feeling better.  On   20 January his need of oxygen was 3 liters he was coughing minimum   but no blood in phlegm. On 23 January his covid 19 reports negative no need of oxygen. Hospital took him off oxygen completely and he was discharged from Hospital

On 27 March Doctors of U K done multiple tests for covid -19 and all have come up NEGATIVE

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