Diabetic foot ulcer J Rajiabegum

Name  J Rjiabegum

Age  48 years

Location Cuddalore (Tamilnadu)

I was suffered from diabetic foot ulcer in my left big toe, was taking  allopathic treatment from my native Tamilnadu, doctors were cutting my ulcer of toe but it was not healing  and was increasing , one day doctor said that your bone of toe is damaged  and now amputation of toe is necessary no other option. Then we searched on Google and find out that at dr. Amina’s royal ayurveda there is treatment for diabetic foot ulcer, immediately we took appointment and came at Dr. Amina’s royal ayurveda, And stayed there for 5 days, my ulcer was healing good, all dead tissues, dead skin came out and new healing tissues grow out. And then we return Tamilnadu with one month’s treatment. Gradually my ulcer was healing after one month X-ray of my toe was also showing that bone was growing means healing good, I got more hope. After two months now my ulcer is completely healed  , THANK YOU DR. AMINA KHATRI

                                                                                                                –   J Rjiabegum

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