Non diabetic foot gangrene (Dry / Wet) Mulchndani Jhamat

Name : Mulchndani Jhmat
Age : 81 years
Location : Indore

I am Ankita Parwani and I am writing about my father, Jhamat Mulchandani. My parents have been staying in Indore while I am settled in Mumbai with my family. It all started with a small soreness between his ring finger and baby finger of left foot with a severe pain in the entire foot in September 2017. The pain and soreness did not go hand in hand and hence doctor suggested a series of tests. The tests revealed little to no blood circulation in his left foot below knee and advised to immediately rush to Mumbai as further treatment in Indore was not possible.

In Mumbai we saw a couple of vascular surgeons. He underwent a peripheral angiography and angioplasty. It failed after about 2 weeks. We went to vascular surgeon @kokilaben hospital. He did another angiography post which he informed us that the prognosis is very week. He gave some aggressive blood thinners which lead to GI bleeding. One thing lead to another and his condition kept worsening. He had to be admitted to the hospital thrice in quick succession with multiple issues like GI bleeding, water retention in stomach and lungs, poor heart functioning etc. While doctors were attending to his other problems, there was no focus on the root problem of poor circulation. With every hospitalization, the gangrene in his feet kept increasing. By January 2018, his half left foot, the heel of his left foot and almost one-third of his right foot was affected by gangrene. The only treatment suggested by doctor’s was below knee amputation of both his legs. In the meantime we also tried homeopathic but that also did not seem to having any effect in controlling his condition. The gangrene was just one of the problem. Apart from that, he had recurring issue of abnormal electrolytes, low hemoglobin & low oxygen level. In the meantime, I kept searching the net and came across Dr Amina’s website. I also referred to the testimonials. I spoke to Dr. Amina, explained the complete situation and also asked her for a reference which she readily provided. Finally in February 2018, we started her treatment. And with Dr. Amina’s treatment, my father’s condition started stabilizing. First his oxygen level stabilized, then his electrolytes also stabilized. Along with this, there has been a visible and marked improvement in his gangrene condition.  While I am writing this testimonial, the gangrene of his left foot heel is completely cured, his right foot is almost cured while the gangrene of his left foot has also improved. In all, I would say that Dr. Amina’s medication proved to be nothing less than a miracle in case of my father.

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