One 45 years old lady suffered for sudden mental tension for some matter. Her husband was not agreeing to do that matter.
On that day afternoon she was feeling severe deep muscular pain in full body. In evening she felt shivering like malaria. She took tablet Lariago –ds for malaria and she slept. In night at 3 am she got up with severe uneasiness. Her full body was stiff except face and mouth. She couldn’t move even in bed. It was generalized paralysis. At that time I gave her my medicine for paralysis. She got relief and she started freely moving her hands first. I was giving that medicine four times a day with massage.    After two days she was able to stand up again. Her condition improved 90%. Then I continued  treatment of paralysis for 15 days. She was cured 100%. Now she is ok. There isn’t any effect of paralysis in her body.

Dr. Amina Khatri

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