Amarsinh Gagaji Vaghela – HEMIPLAGIA (Paralysis of right side of body)

Amarsinh  Gagaji Vaghela:-
In January 2009 while working in my farm my body started suddenly shivering my hands and legs stopped functioning
In that condition I was taken to Tharad city for treatment. There I was diagnosed for paralysis. Then C.T. scan of my brain done at Disa city and I was hospitalized there for one week.  I got slight relief. They had done restriction in my diet. They allow me only salt free and fat free diet. Since that time I continued all medicines they prescribed.
During my that treatment one and half month before again my condition became critical. Even after having new medicine from that doctor my condition didn’t recover.
Then I heard that in Bhuj city Dr. Amina Khatri gives good medicine for paralysis and gets cured. So in that critical condition we came to Bhuj. We took her ayurvedic treatment for one week. She allows me all types of food and stopped all medicines of that doctor

Only with one week’s treatment of Dr. Amina Khatri I got very good result in my physical movements and can do routine work and can walk easily. My physical condition is much better. … read more

Husain Khalifa.

Name : Amarsinh  Gagaji Vaghela

Age : 60 years

Location : Village Lavana (Deodar – Banaskantha)

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