Khalifa Husain Jusab – HEMIPLAGIA (Paralysis of right side of body)

khalifa Husain Jusab (Age:- 51 years) Village:- Koday (Mandvi -Kutch)
In January-2007 when I was going by bicycle on the way I suddenly felt giddiness , hesitation in speaking and my right hand was paralyzed . I couldn’t hold bicycle. I came home by autoriksha
Then I took Ayurvedic treatment from Lakhapar village I got slight relief in my hand.
Suddenly on one morning in July 2007 I couldn’t get up from my bed due to sudden paralysis in my right hand and right leg . I even was unable to speak properly.
Then we came Bhuj for treatment. My brain CT-Scan done at Leva- Patel hospital on date 12-7-2007 showed an area of reduced blood supply in left side of brain –size was 8mm (old infarction)
I started allopathic treatment from there Since 2009 I took that treatment but I got no relief I was fully on bed Even on bed I couldn’t get up without help of other
In March 2010 I started Dr. Aminaben khatri’s Ayurvedic treatment. Gradually sense recovered in my right hand and right leg I can got up from bed on my own and speak easily.
After one month of her treatment I can walk with the help of stick
The follow up CT-Scan of my brain done after her treatment on date 20-4-201showed multiple tiny areas of reduced blood supply on both sides of brain (Lacunars –infarcts) … read more

Husain Khalifa.

Name : khalifa Husain Jusab
Age : 51 years

Location : Koday (Mandvi -Kutch

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